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What’s your place in the world?

Make a deep breath, have a short rest and answer

where are you? No, we don’t want to geolocate you or sell you, at all costs, something that can fill your needs, here and now. We would like to know your idea about the future: on which technology is your company investing to answer the inevitable changes we are facing? If you are available, we are ready to explain you why we are the best partner toward the energy transition. Push “play” button, let’s start.

The future is now

The richer a trip, the more things we take home

In this short stretch of road we hope to pass on even a drop of our energy to you. But in order not to burden the path, we have not yet told you about many new projects in progress. Experiments to bring hydrogen to the end user in Dual Fuel, Bifuel or Full Gas mode. Of the first diesel bus in Italy converted to Liquefied Natural Gas. Of the ambition to bring biomethane to motor racing by transforming an Audi RS3 LMS. For this, we invite you to contact us: there is always room for new travel companions!