Know-How / Solutions

Diesel Dual Fuel

The consolidated Diesel Dual Fuel platform is the company milestone. It is an electronic management system that allows to fuel Diesel engines with a controlled dynamic mixture of diesel and gas (methane, biomethane or LPG). The control of the primary injection and the accurate dosage of the air-gas mixture are the strengths of the system, constantly controlled by an ‘intelligent’ control unit, that can communicate with the engine in real time to ensure perfect working and safety of the system.
The amount of diesel injected is significantly reduced based on the type of vehicle and the conditions of use.


Thanks to the know-how shared with Autogas Italia, present on the bi-fuel international market since many years, Ecomotive Solutions can offer reliable and concrete solutions for all types of petrol-powered vehicles.
It is an approach that has been tried and tested all over the world that has an excellent reputation for quality, reliability and support. The new conversion systems, both methane and LPG, don’t change vehicle performance making its use more economical and ecological.


Full Gas

In an industrial world characterized by standardized solutions bounded to mass production needs (in which the research for new applications is often subordinated to the need of producing ‘large numbers’), Ecomotive Solutions confirms its vocation for innovation with the #greendustrial line accessible and tailor-made for the customer. The use of diesel engines for industrial applications is facing a revolution characterized by the need to reduce emissions, carbon footprint and consumption: ‘100% gas’ engines achieve this goal starting from consolidated mechanics, reinterpreting them in a sustainable key with the use of alternative fuels such as methane, biomethane, LPG and Syngas.