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Dual- Fuel System guest star of Torino-Pechino 2018

Ecomotive Solutions is proud to attend to the Natural Gas Tour organized together with the “Cultural Association Torino – Pechino 2018” to connect Italy with China passing through Eastern Europe, in the name of a really sustainable mobility. In this second edition, thanks to the technological contribution of Ecomotive Solutions, the protagonist  will be really ecological: a diesel pick-up  converted with Dual Fuel technology to work with methane and biomethane.

In a world that demonizes diesel but doesn’t offer alternative solutions, Ecomotive proposes  to convert the already circulating diesel engines with the Diesel Dual Fuel technology, prolonging their life, making them cleaner and reducing management costs without affecting their original performances.
From Italy to China, passing through Russia and other Eastern countries, during this thirty-thousand kilometres-trip, the vehicle will be supplied with methane and, where available, biomethane promoting in this way this philosophy directly on the field.

“Torino-Pechino 2018 Natural Gas Tour” will be presented on Wednesday 6th of June by The European Parliament in Bruxelles during Ecofuturo Festival 2018  at the presence of some Italian Members of the Parliament who support the initiative. The official start will take place next June 16th from Turin, in the prestigious setting of Piazza San Carlo, with the participation of the Mayor Chiara Appendino and of the sponsors’ representatives.

The company declares: "When the coordinator and pilot Guido Guerrini proposed us to join this initiative, we didn’t hesitate to make available our vehicle customized for this trip. We hope that the Torino-Pechino 2018 will be, as per our expectations, the ideal tool to demonstrate  directly 'on the road' the efficiency of our technological platform ".