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The first EURO6 Diesel Dual Fuel vehicle is approved

As of today, a DAF 510 FX FT belonging to the EcorNaturasì fleet, equipped with a 12902cc PACCAR MX13 375H1 engine and with a maximum power of 375kw, is approved for circulation on Italian roads in DIESEL DUAL FUEL mode. This development has been made possible as a result of the decision taken by the Venetian company, which produces and distributes organic products throughout Italy, and by the decisive 'technological' contribution made by Ecomotive Solutions.
Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company and international leader in specialist engine calibration, is the first company in Italy to have obtained approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport for the conversion of heavy duty diesel vehicles (from 9676cc to 16128cc) to dual-fuel vehicles, in line with the EURO6 category.
This type-approval was developed for dual fuel vehicles running on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG) and LPG.
The d-gid platform developed by Ecomotive Solutions for converting diesel to dual fuel is capable of fuelling a diesel engine simultaneously with a mixture of gas (methane/biomethane stored in both compressed CNG form and liquid LNG form, as well as LPG, Syngas, Hydromethane, etc.) and diesel. Application of the d-gid system does not in any way change the nature of the diesel engine, maintaining the initial performance and efficiency; moreover, in the absence of availability of gas, the system automatically returns to operate on 100% diesel.
This approval - obtained by Ecomotive Solutions before any other company (as was the case for the EURO5 and EURO6 emissions standards for cars and light commercial vehicles and EURO5 for heavy vehicles) - is designed to meet the growing interest of logistics fleets in efficient vehicles with reduced environmental impact, and continues the homologation process launched six years ago by the company. The EURO6 approval obtained by Ecomotive Solutions for heavy vehicles is further confirmation of the company's role as an international player in the transformation of diesel vehicles into dual fuel vehicles.