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The first spanish Euro6 Diesel Dual Fuel is approved

More Ecomotive Solutions even in Spain!

Ecomotive Solutions is the first company in Spain to be certified according to EURO6 standards by the Ministerio de Ecomomia, Industria y competividad for the transformation of heavy-duty diesel vehicles into dual-fuel models. 

This certification actually allows authorized installation centers to transform heavy vehicles EURO4, EURO5 and EURO6 using d-gid technology in full compliance with Iberian regulations.

For this approval - which includes use of CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) - Ecomotive Solutions has collaborated with IDIADA technical center.

As of today, a DAF 106 XF belonging to Grupo Disfrimuro fleet is the first truck approved for circulation on spanish roads in DIESEL DUAL FUEL mode.