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We are the first company in Italy to be certified according to EURO6 standards for the conversion of light-duty vehicles in dual-fuel

Ecomotive Solutions has recently been certified according to EURO 6 standards by Ministero delle Infrastutture e dei Trasporti for the conversion of cars and light commercial vehicles from diesel to dual-fuel (from 1496 cc to 3741 cc for vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tonnes).
Ecomotive Solutions is the first company in Italy, and amongst the first globally, to receive this certification that will go towards covering the majority of the Italian fleet of light commercial vehicles in circulation, one of the categories to be affected the most by this type of intervention, for both economical and environmental reasons.
The d-gid Dual Fuel platform developed by Ecomotive Solutions is capable of fuelling a diesel engine simultaneously with a mixture of gas (Methane/Biomethane stored in both compressed CNG form and liquid LNG, as well as GPL, Syngas, Hydromethane, etc.) and diesel. Application of the d-gid system does not in any way change the nature of the diesel engine, maintaining the initial performance and efficiency; moreover, in the absence of availability of gas, the system automatically returns to operate on 100% diesel.

With this certification, Ecomotive Solutions confirms its position on the cutting-edge of dual-fuel transformation: indeed, the company was the first in Italy to be certified according to EURO 5 Standards for cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles, and today it is in the process of being certified according to Euro 6 standards for heavy-duty vehicles as well.